Sunday, February 7, 2010

wrapping up

Its hard to believe that 2 1/2 years ago, Ladd and I picked up our lives and moved out here to Colorado to begin a new chapter. That chapter is coming to an end this May, when I graduate. I will proudly walk across a stage and likely with a sense of surrealism, accept two degrees - one in Veterinary Technology and one in Associates of Arts.

This closure of this phase of my life becomes more and more palpable as each week winds down. This week I wrap up my last shift of animal care in which we feed and water all the farm and exotic animals living on our farm. Its always been a drag to wake up so early - especially in the cold months - to drive up to the farm to do the chores. Yet when its time to do the chores I speak of, its really quite blissful; rewarding, actually.

We love our animals here at the farm and it shows.

This is how I feel about school. Its hard to get up in the mornings, hard to choose to study or do homework instead of going out for a pint or watching TV or napping, but overall, my experience at this school is quite blissful as well.....rewarding, actually.

Only 4 more weeks and I will be off to fulfill my externship requirements at the fabulous Sedgwick County Zoo. I will miss my husband and furry babies but it will be so worth it - I just know it.

Until then, I am trying to find all the strength left in me to give it my all these last few weeks, and to take time to look around me and absorb the rest this experience and my friends can teach me.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

resolution for 2010

to drink light colored alcohol, when possible. Studies show light colored alcohol is much less likely to give you a gnarly hangover than dark colored alcohol.

Don't tell me I don't have goals. :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

pandas could die

So, apparently this upcoming winter storm is going to be so bad not only could you die but the following other extremes may occur. should you decide to be crazy enough to drive through it:

1.) A kitten will explode every 60 seconds
2.) The eighties fashion trend will increase exponentially (we're talking neon colored leg warmers and aqua net, people!)
3.) The muffin top you refuse to acknowledge you are sporting will double in size
4.) Pandas will become extinct overnight
5.) Palin will be elected President in 2012 (seriously, that's reason enough to stay home and watch "A Christmas Story" marathon on the AMC channel)
6.) Your children will decide that moving out of the house after college is 'over-rated' and decide to live with you 'indefinitely'

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

is it over or just a break?

no post since June, huh? I knew it had been awhile but didn't realize it was that long.


Really, this whole blog thing started to become tedious and unfulfilling. I felt my posts were uninteresting and I started to get frustrated with a lack of understanding why some applications and pictures weren't working.

Oh yeah, and I've been BUSY. :)

School was nothing short of overwhelming at times, this past semester. 17 credit hours, 7 classes plus an online pet nutrition course kept me pretty busy.

Also, I really do feel like my posts - my whole blogging style, really - is uninteresting. Let me know if you feel otherwise or have any tips for me. I'm considering revving this thing up again but doing things different.....

less words, more pictures.

Here's one for starters. A picture outside our living room in October after the first big snow of the season.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

i need help

how can i get pictures to fit "just right" behind my blog title? This is so frustrating. I feel like i have no creative control over my blog and I am clueless as to how to remedy that.

Snowmass Chili & Brewfest 2009

We went to the Chili & Brewfest in Snowmass again this year.

Only this year we (Ladd, really) went as competitors, too.

His "Kansas City Pale Ale" (his rendition of Boulevard's Pale Ale) went over well with the crowd. Though it didn't "win" anything, his keg did get tapped.
That is always a good sign. :)

There was an impressive amount of microbreweries there this year with delicious samples to devour.
Music was excellent again with Leftover Salmon, MOE and Particle.
And with this view, how could anybody not have a good time. :)